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IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/11ty/eleventy-base-blogeleventy-base-blog
Screenshot of https://eleventy-base-blog.netlify.app/
🎈 Official Starter · How to build a blog web site with Eleventy.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://glitch.new/eleventyglitch.new/eleventy
Screenshot of https://glitch-hello-eleventy.glitch.me/
Featured · Build a new Eleventy generated static site with this official Glitch starter app.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/mattwaler/tea-stackTEA Stack
Screenshot of https://github.com/mattwaler/tea-stack
A starting point with TailwindCSS, 11ty, and AlpineJS ready to roll.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/lwojcik/eleventy-template-multiplicityMultiplicity
Screenshot of https://eleventy-m10y.lkmt.us/
RSS-based blog aggregator starter pack
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/mesinkasir/11ty-shop11tyshop
Screenshot of https://11tyshop.pages.dev/
Built modern 11ty Online Shop e-commerce integration with ecwid headless online shop
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/mesinkasir/cuteblog11tyCuteblog11ty
Screenshot of https://cuteblog.pages.dev/
Cute blog for blogger with auto SEO.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/deviousdodo/elevenpackElevenpack
Screenshot of https://elevenpack.netlify.app/
An Eleventy starter pack with webpack, PostCSS and cache busting for production deployments.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/bobarros/11typroject11typroject
Screenshot of https://github.com/bobarros/11typroject
11ty very light but useful landing page with video and extra url with amp-story
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/coryasilva/11ty-aws11ty AWS
Screenshot of https://11ty-aws.corysilva.com
11ty + TailwindCSS + AlpineJS + AWS-CDK
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/cbergen/11ty-nostrils11ty-nostrils
Screenshot of https://11ty-nostrils.netlify.app/
A starter config for Eleventy with pipelines for Typescript and PostCSS.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/aadityavaze/11ty-portfolio-starter11ty-portfolio-template
Screenshot of https://bucolic-pegasus-5dab5c.netlify.app/
11ty portfolio powered by bootstrap and nunjucks
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/mesinkasir/agency11tyagency11ty
Screenshot of https://optimasiwebsite.axcora.com/
Startup and SEO agency website template eleventy 11ty
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/mesinkasir/cloudcannon-11tycloudcannon11ty
Screenshot of https://cloudcannon.axcora.com/
Simple Starter Blog 11ty integration with cloudcannon headless cms
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/dtlevin/11tyAI11tyAI
Screenshot of https://11tyai.danlevin.xyz/
A simple 11ty starter site. Includes navigation, SASS, Webpack, and more.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/yinkakun/eleventy-duoEleventy Duo
Screenshot of https://eleventyduo.netlify.app
Eleventy Duo is a production-ready and SEO-friendly starter for building a blog or personal website. Comes with a customizable duotone theme, minimal and clean design.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/tmns/11ty-feedback11ty Feedback
Screenshot of https://11ty-feedback.netlify.app/
An 11ty starter project for carrying out better feedback exchanges with coworkers, clients, and so on.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/AleksandrHovhannisyan/11ty-sass-images-seo11ty-sass-images-seo
Screenshot of https://github.com/AleksandrHovhannisyan/11ty-sass-images-seo
An 11ty starter with project scaffolding, Sass, image optimization, and SEO enhancements.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/Ramkarthik/minimal-developerMinimal Developer
Screenshot of https://eleventy-minimal-developer.netlify.app/
A very minimal developer blog theme built with Eleventy
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/madrilene/eleventy-i18neleventy-i18n
Screenshot of https://eleventy-i18n.netlify.app
Minimal starter for localized content, using Eleventy's own Internationalization (I18n) plugin
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/alanmosely/teatime-starterTEAtime Starter
Screenshot of https://teatime-starter.netlify.app
A simple stylish Eleventy starter project using Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js that deploys to Netlify
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/muenzpraeger/eleventy-chirpy-blog-templateEleventy Chirpy Blog Template
Screenshot of https://eleventy-chirpy-blog-template.netlify.app/
11ty version of the popular Chirpy Jekyll blog template.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/scottsweb/elvaelva
Screenshot of https://elva.scott.ee
A multilingual, clean, green, 11ty starter theme. elva provides solid foundations for your next web project and a built in CMS (Front Matter CMS) for managing content.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/geotrev/airleventyairleventy
Screenshot of https://airleventy.netlify.app
Build static websites with 11ty, Sass for CSS, and modern JavaScript.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/jeremydaly/eleventy-tailwind-templateEleventy Tailwind Template
Screenshot of https://github.com/jeremydaly/eleventy-tailwind-template
Starter template for building Eleventy static sites with Tailwind CSS automatically generating the corresponding styles and writing them to a static CSS file.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://gitlab.com/cekvenich2/11pug11tyPug
Screenshot of http://11.intuition.dev
11ty v2.x starter kit w/ Pug and a 3rd party classless css framework
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/cyevgeniy/universalThe Universal Theme
Screenshot of https://the-universal-theme.netlify.app
Simple, fast and eye-catching theme for 11ty
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/yhaefliger/yatasYATAS
Screenshot of https://yatas.netlify.app/
Yet Another Tailwind Apline Starter. Tailwind v2 compiled in JIT mode and Alpine v3.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/MaybeThisIsRu/smix-eleventy-starterSmix
Screenshot of https://smix.netlify.app/
A standards-respecting starter kit for Eleventy. Go Indie. Uses PostCSS and esbuild.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/httpsterio/11ty-gallery11ty-gallery
Screenshot of https://11ty-gallery.netlify.app
A simple little photogallery project. Crops, resizes and generates json from your images. Requires Graphicsmagic, ffmpeg and jq.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/ianrose/deventydeventy
Screenshot of https://github.com/ianrose/deventy
A minimal 11ty starting point for building static websites with modern tools.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/ttntm/11ty-landing-page11ty landing page starter
Screenshot of https://awesome11ty.ttntm.me/
A simple landing page built with 11ty and Tailwind CSS.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/stefanfrede/11st-starter-kit11st-Starter-Kit
Screenshot of https://11st-starter-kit.netlify.app/
11ty, powered by Vite with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/creasoft-dev/fundamentyFundamenty
Screenshot of https://fundamenty.netlify.app/
Multi-language support, SEO-friendly, GitHub/GitLab Pages-ready. TailwindCSS+Webpack.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/contentful/11ty-contentful-starter11ty-Contentful-Starter
Screenshot of https://contentful.github.io/11ty-contentful-starter/
An Eleventy powered multipage starter project that uses Contentful to create, and manage pages. The front end utilizes the HTML5UP Solid State theme for layout and styling.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/seancdavis/twenty-ninetyTwenty Ninety
Screenshot of https://www.seancdavis.com/twenty-ninety
A production-ready starter kit, optimized for performance.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/b3u/eleventy-gardenEleventy Garden
Screenshot of https://eleventy-garden.netlify.app/
A starter site for building a digital garden, or personal wiki, in Eleventy.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/matthiasott/eleventy-plus-viteEleventy Plus Vite
Screenshot of https://eleventyplusvite.netlify.app/
A clean and fast Eleventy Starter Project with Vite.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/shadowtime2000/11ty-notes11ty-notes
Screenshot of https://11ty-notes.vercel.app
11ty-notes is an Eleventy starter to manage your notes so you don't forget stuff
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/ixartz/Eleventy-Starter-Boilerplate/Eleventy Starter Boilerplate
Screenshot of https://creativedesignsguru.com/demo/Eleventy-Starter-Boilerplate/
🚀 Eleventy Starter Boilerplate is production-ready with SEO-friendly for quickly starting a blog. ⚡️ Built with Eleventy, ESLint, Prettier, Webpack, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/Andrewrico/Jam11tyJam11ty
Screenshot of https://github.com/Andrewrico/Jam11ty
11ty Started Theme for Headless Ecommerce
IndieWeb Avatar for https://11straps.com11straps
Screenshot of https://11straps.com/
A Eleventy + Bootstrap 5 starterkit
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/Ted2xmen/sanity-eleventy-blogTed2xmen
Screenshot of https://github.com/Ted2xmen/sanity-eleventy-blog
A starting point with Bootstrap, 11ty, and Sanity.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/maxboeck/eleventasticeleventastic
Screenshot of https://eleventastic.netlify.app/
A simple Eleventy Starter Kit, the Max Böck base for all new 11ty projects.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/huphtur/hella-simple-eleventy-tailwind-starterHella Simple 11ty + Tailwind CSS Starter
Screenshot of https://hella-simple-eleventy-tailwindcss.netlify.app/
Just 2 dependencies, 2 npm scripts, and 1 Tailwind UI freebie to get you started.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/nonplain/nonplain-11ty-starter#readmenonplain-11ty-starter
Screenshot of https://nonplain-11ty-starter.vercel.app/
Create an 11ty website out of nonplain files
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/signalkuppe/eleventy-reactEleventy React
Screenshot of https://eleventy-react.netlify.app/
Use React, styled components and storybook in Eleventy
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/jhackett1/wp-11ty/WP 11ty
Screenshot of https://githubbox.com/jhackett1/wp-11ty/
A minimal example showing how to use the WordPress API to drive a static Eleventy frontend.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/11ta/11ta-template11TA
Screenshot of https://11ta.netlify.app/
11TA is a deeply customizable, full-featured, ready-to-publish blog/marketing template system built with 11ty, TailwindCSS, & Alpine.js
IndieWeb Avatar for https://gitlab.com/reubenlillie/eleventy-dot-js-blog#readme🍦.11ty.js
Screenshot of https://eleventy-dot-js-blog.netlify.app/
How to build an extensible blog with JavaScript templates (*.11ty.js files).
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/hidegh/jamstack-eleventy-custom/1st Blog Template on 11ty with All-In Blogging Features
Screenshot of https://hidegh.github.io/jamstack-eleventy-custom/
Full featured BLOGGING template - supporting: hierarchical categories, images in post folder, searching inside blogs, deployment, etc...all built up incrementally from the ground!
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/mesinkasir/cool11tyCool11ty
Screenshot of https://statisweb.pages.dev/
New eleventy cool 11ty modern blog themes.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/Mangamaui/eleventy-not-so-minimal-blog-starterEleventy Not So Minimal Blog Starter
Screenshot of https://eleventy-not-so-minimal-blog-starter.netlify.app/
A blog starter including some key features such as RSS, a sitemap, meta tags for Twitter & OG, image-optimization(eleventy-image), SVG-icon-sprites, Sass and more...
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/webpixels/bootstrap-starter-kitBootstrap Starter Kit
Screenshot of https://webpixels-bootstrap-starter-kit.netlify.app/
Minimal starter template for websites using Bootstrap 5 and Webpixels CSS next to the Eleventy static site generator.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://templatedeck.comBrook
Screenshot of https://brooks-html-template.netlify.app/
Handcrafted, clean and minimalisitc 11ty Blog Theme
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/kmelve/eleventy-sanity-blog-boilerplateeleventy-sanity-blog-boilerplate
Screenshot of https://github.com/kmelve/eleventy-sanity-blog-boilerplate
An eleventy + headless CMS blog boilerplate. Includes Sanity Studio, quick start, config and instructions for deploying on Netlify and `now`.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/kevh-c/11ty-get-going11ty-get-going
Screenshot of https://mellow-crepe-c98c31.netlify.app/
Get Going is an 11ty starter project for simple blogs, small sites and prototypes. Includes 11ty pagination, navigation, image and RSS examples
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/gregives/twelvetyTwelvety
Screenshot of https://twelvety.netlify.app/
Twelvety is an Eleventy starter project built to be fast, with component architecture, CSS & JS pipelines, a responsive picture shortcode with WebP support and more
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/josephdyer/skeleventySkeleventy
Screenshot of https://skeleventy.netlify.app/
A skeleton boilerplate built with Eleventy and Tailwind CSS.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/loctran016/eleventy-kickstart-blogEleventy Kickstart Blog
Screenshot of https://eleventy-kickstart-blog.vercel.app/
Kickstart your website with this production-ready template using 11ty, the new vite, tailwindcss and daisyui.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/idogal/tisot-blog-starterTisot
Screenshot of http://ido.g.gitlab.io/idog-blog-daisyui/
A blog template and a starter kit, based on Eleventy and TailwindCSS/daisyUI.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/distantcam/eleventoElevento
Screenshot of https://distantcam.github.io/elevento/
Elevento is a static links page deployed to github pages.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/dafiulh/vredeburgvredeburg
Screenshot of https://vredeburg.netlify.app/
A simple starter project to create a blog using Eleventy and Tailwind CSS.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/mesinkasir/eleventyblogBootstrap11ty
Screenshot of https://eleventyblog.vercel.app/
Eleventy for blogger with bootstrap and auto SEO full.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/mesinkasir/monochrome11tyMonochrome11ty
Screenshot of https://monochrome.axcora.com/
Starter template for photo art and photographer portfolio built with eleventy 11ty
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/jahilldev/11tyby11tyby
Screenshot of https://11tyby.netlify.app/
11tyby tries to emulate the great DX of Gatsby, but with 11ty! It's setup with TypeScript, SASS, CSS Modules, Webpack, Preact and more. All optimised for performance.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/NikitaZanella/11ty-SASS11ty-SASS
Screenshot of https://11ty-sass.netlify.app/
11ty blog starter template with SASS and Dark Mode
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/nhoizey/1y1y
Screenshot of https://github.com/nhoizey/1y
A template project to build a short URL manager with Eleventy
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/distantcam/windtywindty 🌬️
Screenshot of https://distantcam.github.io/windty/
Windty is a basic template using 11ty and Tailwind, and deploys to github pages.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/voightco/micro-site/microsite
Screenshot of https://voight-microsite.netlify.app
Opinionated micro front-end that sets common 11ty defaults. Great for creating landing pages.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/vktrwlt/pugsumPugsum
Screenshot of https://github.com/vktrwlt/pugsum
11ty starter kit using TailwindCSS, Pug, and Webpack
IndieWeb Avatar for https://getzeropoint.comZeroPoint
Screenshot of https://getzeropoint.com
A modern, opinionated, bare-bones Jamstack starter using Eleventy to get 'up to zero' on a project quickly and easily.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/madrilene/eleventy-excellenteleventy-excellent
Screenshot of https://eleventy-excellent.netlify.app/
Opiniated but easy to use. Based on the companion website of Andy Bell’s talk ‘Be the browser’s mentor, not its micromanager’.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/clottman/link-in-bio-11tyLink-in-Bio 11ty
Screenshot of https://link-in-bio-11ty.glitch.me/
A single page containing a list of links generated from data defined in JS
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/danfascia/tai11sTai11s
Screenshot of https://danfascia.github.io/tai11s/
An Eleventy starter with Tailwind CSS and PurgeCSS
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/jpoehnelt/eleventy-google-docs-startereleventy-google-docs-starter
Screenshot of https://eleventy-google-docs-starter.netlify.app/
A starter template for Eleventy that uses Google Docs as a CMS.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/google/eleventy-high-performance-blogEleventy High Performance Blog
Screenshot of https://eleventy-high-performance-blog-sample.industrialempathy.com/
A high performance blog template for the 11ty static site generator.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/stopnoanime/11ty-no-style-please11ty-no-style-please
Screenshot of https://11ty-no-style-please.netlify.app
A minimalist blog template for eleventy with Netlify CMS built in
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/22mahmoud/YAESYAES
Screenshot of https://yaes.netlify.app/
Starter kit for your next eleventy(11ty) project using postcss, es6, snowpack, webpack.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/scottishstoater/eleventy-web-starterEleventy Web Starter
Screenshot of https://eleventywebstarter.netlify.app
A lightweight Eleventy boilerplate utilising, esbuild Tailwind CSS and Post CSS.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/madebymike/supermayaSupermaya
Screenshot of https://supermaya-demo.netlify.app/
Supermaya is an Eleventy starter kit designed to help you add rich features to a blog or website without the need for a complicated build process.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/scottishstoater/simple-journalSimple Journal
Screenshot of https://simplejournal.netlify.app/
A simple journal/photo log website built on top of 11ty.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/TigersWay/eleventy-classic-blog-starterEleventy Classic Blog Starter (ECBS)
Screenshot of https://eleventy-classic-blog-starter.netlify.app/
A starter template to build a classic `Hyde` blog with Eleventy.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/MarkBuskbjerg/ta11yta11y
Screenshot of https://ta11y.app/
An 11ty starter template with posts and pages using Tailwind CSS and AlpineJS and features like draft and scheduled content
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/contentful/11ty-contentful-gallery11ty-Contentful-Photo-Gallery
Screenshot of https://gallery.contentful.com/
A Photo Gallery made using Contentful and 11ty, deployed via GitHub Actions and hosted on GitHub Pages.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/zuixjs/zuix-web-starterzuix-web-starter
Screenshot of https://zuixjs.github.io/zuix-web-starter/
Mobile first and component based web starter template (PWA).
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/4lador/11ty-tailscript11ty-TailScript
Screenshot of https://vocal-licorice-a3b377.netlify.app
Minimalist, ready to use Eleventy starter project that embarks Tailwind, PostCSS (nesting, imports, media queries, minify), Fontawesome, Webpack, Typescript and Vite
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/tomreinert/minimal-11ty-tailwind-starterMinimal 11ty + Tailwind Starter
Screenshot of https://clever-newton-cbb08a.netlify.app
A very minimal, beginner-friendly starter with tailwind and a smart navigation component.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/adamstddrd/greaseGrease
Screenshot of https://web-grease.netlify.app/
Grease is a website starter that makes building performant, accessible, aesthetic websites fast & frictionless. It uses 11ty, Lightning CSS, and Esbuild, and includes a lightweight, declarative CSS architecture that sets you up for success.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/lwojcik/eleventy-template-blissBliss
Screenshot of https://eleventy-bliss.lkmt.us/
Single-column feature-rich blog template with strong focus on simplicity without sacrificing functionality
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/kohrongying/11ty-blog-starter11ty-blog-starter
Screenshot of https://eleventy.rongying.co/
Minimal blog template. Supports browsing in the internet without Javascript.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/dylnbk/11ty-blog11ty-vanilla-blog
Screenshot of https://11ty-blog-vanilla.netlify.app/
A very vanilla 11ty starter for a static blog site with paginated posts and integration with Netlify CMS
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/clenemt/eleventy-webpackeleventy-webpack
Screenshot of https://eleventy-webpack.netlify.app/
A barebone Eleventy and Webpack boilerplate 🎈
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/maeligg/my-online-cookbook/My Online Cookbook
Screenshot of https://myonlinecookbook.netlify.app/
An easily customisable starter kit to create your own cookbook of online recipes, using Netlify CMS.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/frontenso/frontenso-11ty-starterfrontenso-11ty-starter
Screenshot of https://frontenso-11ty-starter.netlify.app/
A production-ready starter that features Nunjucks, SASS, TailwindCSS, Webpack and ESNext. 11ty is responsible for building HTML only, the rest is built with Gulp.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/mesinkasir/thisis-11tyThisis
Screenshot of https://thisis11ty.netlify.app/
Thisis just classic blog seo template.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/craigerskine/11ty-twind/11ty-twind
Screenshot of https://craigerskine.github.io/11ty-twind/
11ty, powered by Twind (JSS for Tailwind with tons of amazing features)
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/miayam/miayamMiayam 11ty Starter Project
Screenshot of https://docs.miayam.io
A brutalist 11ty starter project built with as little tooling as possible. Atomic Design, Webpack, Pug, SCSS, Vanilla JS
IndieWeb Avatar for https://glitch.com/~til-blogtil-blog
Screenshot of https://til-blog.glitch.me/
A project showing a basic blog with tags, based on eleventy-base-blog and optimized for Glitch.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/brycewray/eleventy_solo_starter_njkEleventy Solo Starter (.njk version)
Screenshot of https://eleventy-solo-starter-njk.vercel.app/
Eleventy starter with PostCSS, Tailwind CSS, Lazyload (“vanilla lazyload”), and build-time creation and processing of responsive images; Nunjucks templating, with alternate JavaScript-based (.11ty.js) version.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/uuki/11ty-hbs-webpack11ty-hbs-webpack
Screenshot of https://xenodochial-morse-1c8f1c.netlify.app/
Eleventy with Handlebars(support asynchronous helper) and Webpack boilerplate.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/ar363/eleventy-stylus-blog-themePurple: Eleventy + Stylus Starter Blog
Screenshot of https://eleventy-stylus-blog-theme.vercel.app/
A nice looking, simple blog theme built with Eleventy SSG and Stylus Preprocessor
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/Ewan-D/beginnersBase11tybeginnersBase11ty
Screenshot of https://trusting-pasteur-48f806.netlify.app/
belt and braces starter for a blog. Includes 11ty's image, rss & navigation plugins + tailwind & fan art!
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/nhoizey/pack11typack11ty
Screenshot of https://pack11ty.dev/
An opinionated template for Eleventy projects, with automated collections from folders hierarchy, assets bundling (with Rollup and Sass), responsive images, Service Worker, etc.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/reeseschultz/11r#readme11r
Screenshot of https://reeseschultz.github.io/11r/
A blog template and theme using 11ty, TailwindCSS, Rollup, Prism syntax highlighting, etc.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/sidswork/11ty-midnight11ty-midnight
Screenshot of https://11ty-midnight.netlify.app/
Minimalist dark mode starter template for 11ty with support for jsfiddle embeds and prismjs syntax highlighting.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/ashur/eleventy-portway-starterEleventy Portway Starter
Screenshot of https://eleventy-portway-starter.netlify.app/
A starter template for building a blog with Eleventy and Portway
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/surjithctly/neat-starterEleventy NEAT Starter
Screenshot of https://neat-starter.netlify.app/
Eleventy Starter Template with NEAT Stack - Netlify CMS, Eleventy, Alphine JS & Tailwind CSS
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/tskarhed/captains-logCaptain's Log
Screenshot of https://captain-log.netlify.app/
An old timey blog theme with blog posts that looks like old letters.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/TigersWay/fruits-expressFruits Express
Screenshot of https://fruits-express.netlify.app/
Simple sample with Eleventy & TailwindCSS
IndieWeb Avatar for https://11ty-netlify-jumpstart.netlify.app/11ty Netlify Jumpstart
Screenshot of https://11ty-netlify-jumpstart.netlify.app/
Includes a minimal Sass framework, and generated sitemap, RSS feed, and social share preview images.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/mjgs/eleventy-agile-blogeleventy-agile-blog
Screenshot of https://festive-haibt-b7ead0.netlify.app
A minimal blog template using Eleventy, this one implements a simple agile development workflow so you can get stuff done
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/httpsterio/11ty-blog-njk-starter11ty-blog-njk-starter
Screenshot of https://11ty-blog-njk-starter.netlify.app
Forked from Rong Ying's starter, now with njk and a few tiny fixes
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/craigbuckler/11ty-starter11ty-starter
Screenshot of https://github.com/craigbuckler/11ty-starter
Demonstration static site and blog using Eleventy as a build tool for all content, CSS, JavaScript, and images.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/moody-person/11ty-starter11ty-starter
Screenshot of https://moody-person.github.io/11ty-starter/
Eleventy starter, using sass, nunjucks, rollup
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/broeker/spacebookSpacebook
Screenshot of https://spacebook.app/
Create fast and simple documentation to explain almost anything. Using Eleventy, Tailwind 2.0, Alpine.js, and Netlify CMS (optional).
IndieWeb Avatar for https://gitlab.com/florent_tassy/polyglot-tech-blogPolyglot Tech Blog
Screenshot of https://polyglot-tech-blog.netlify.app/
An 11ty starter project for multilingual personal pages and blogs.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/jacebenson/jace-tyjace-ty
Screenshot of https://jace-ty.netlify.app/
Search, Folders for Posts, Utteranc.es for comments
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/jeremyfaucher/11ty-theme-by-design-2-seo.git11ty Theme by design 2 SEO
Screenshot of https://11ty-theme-by-design-2-seo.netlify.app/
11ty blog theme with grid CSS, subcategories and breadcrumbs.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/mesinkasir/mobile11tyMobile11ty
Screenshot of https://mobile11ty.pages.dev/
Build modern mobile website and android app with mobile11ty eleventy feat ionic
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/StaticMania/roxo-eleventyroxo-eleventy
Screenshot of https://roxo-eleventy.staticmania.com/
Roxo is an 11ty starter project for creative agencies, freelancers, graphic designers, photographers
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/marcamos/jetjet 🛩
Screenshot of https://marcamos-jet.netlify.app/
It’s (j)ust (e)leventy and (t)ailwind … OK, and a few other things; it’s still really small though.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/mattdecamp/eleventoniaeleventonia
Screenshot of https://eleventonia.mattdecamp.com
A mildly opinionated Eleventy starter.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/c0derabbit/eleventy-starter-typescript/eleventy-starter-typescript
Screenshot of https://eleventy-starter-typescript.vercel.app/
Unopinionated, minimal starter with TypeScript templates.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/danurbanowicz/eleventy-netlify-boilerplateeleventy-netlify-boilerplate
Screenshot of https://eleventy-netlify-boilerplate.netlify.app/
A template for building a simple blog web site with Eleventy and deploying it to Netlify. Includes Netlify CMS and Netlify Forms.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/mesinkasir/landingpage11tylandingpage11ty
Screenshot of https://programrestoran.axcora.com/
Starter landing page 11ty with auto SEO injection
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/fylgja/11ty-starter-templateEleventy Fylgja Starter
Screenshot of https://11ty-fylgja.netlify.app/
11ty starter template build using Fylgja CSS.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/hidde/eleventy-wcag-reportereleventy-wcag-reporter
Screenshot of https://eleventy-wcag-reporter.netlify.app
A starter pack for creating WCAG conformance reports with Eleventy
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/adamduncan/eleventy-shortcompseleventy-shortcomps
Screenshot of https://eleventy-shortcomps.netlify.app/
Starter project for static site by Adam Duncan, using Eleventy and shortcode components pattern.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/mesinkasir/limocar11tyCar11ty
Screenshot of https://grandlimousine.netlify.app/
Clean Design + Auto SEO , starter project for car services website template themes
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/mandrasch/11ty-plain-bootstrap511ty-plain-bootstrap5
Screenshot of https://mandrasch.github.io/11ty-plain-bootstrap5/
Simple plain starter with 11ty and Bootstrap5 (via npm)
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/kailoon/kailoon.com#readmekailoon.com
Screenshot of https://kailoon.com
My simple portfolio blog built using 11th and tailwindcss.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://gitlab.com/alexmozaidze/11ty-template-sensible11ty-sensible
Screenshot of https://gitlab.com/alexmozaidze/11ty-template-sensible
11ty with sensible defaults. SCSS, excerpts, minification and more!
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/TryGhost/eleventy-starter-ghostEleventy Starter Ghost
Screenshot of https://eleventy.ghost.org/
A starter template to build websites with Ghost & Eleventy.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/MarcoMicale/MinimalismMinimalism Starter
Screenshot of https://venerable-sundae-621325.netlify.app/
A blog template and theme using 11ty, TailwindCSS, PWA etc...
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/stowball/elfElf
Screenshot of https://elf-eleventy.netlify.app/
Elf is a simple, magical starter kit using webpack, Babel and Sass.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/philhawksworth/eleventyoneeleventyone
Screenshot of https://eleventyone.netlify.app/
is an Eleventy scaffold project created by the legendary Phil Hawksworth. Makes use of Eleventy and PostCSS.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/mesinkasir/text11tyText11ty
Screenshot of https://text11ty.pages.dev/
Just a simple text to focus on creating blog article content or you can create a documentation page.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/agility/agilitycms-eleventy-starter-2020Eleventy-AgilityCMS-Starter-Blog
Screenshot of https://agilitycms-eleventy-starter-2020.vercel.app/
A starter blog using Eleventy and powered by Agility CMS with full page and module management. Uses TailwindCSS and Alpine.js.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://7ty.tech/Seven
Screenshot of https://7ty.tech/
An eleventy template based on bootstrap4layouts. Includes webpack, sass version of bootstrap, vue.js powered search and a whole lot more.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/geotrev/eleventy-skeletonEleventy Skeleton
Screenshot of https://11ty-skeleton.netlify.app/
Barebones Eleventy. No dependencies or preprocessors.
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/jalediazb/onceOnce
Screenshot of https://once-eleventy.netlify.app/
Personal theme made with Eleventy and Bulma
IndieWeb Avatar for https://github.com/Yeshwanthyk/eleventy-filter-coffee-starterEleventy Filter Coffee Starter
Screenshot of https://filtercoffee.netlify.app/
A simple Eleventy starter kit with css compiled with Gulp, image optimization with imagemin and asset hashing.

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