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inputPathToUrl Universal Filter

Pre-release only: v3.0.0-alpha.5 Map a file’s location and to the template’s output URL. Very useful for robust hyperlinking allowing you to change your output URLs without breaking content links!

This filter is an alternative to the InputPath To Url Plugin, which provides an Eleventy transform that is less verbose but a bit slower.

Inspired by GitHub issue #84.

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Liquid Nunjucks 11ty.js
Syntax Liquid
<a href="{{ "" | inputPathToUrl }}">Home</a>
Syntax Nunjucks
<a href="{{ "" | inputPathToUrl }}">Home</a>
Syntax JavaScript (CommonJS)
module.exports = function (data) {
return `<a href="${this.inputPathToUrl("")}">Home</a>`;
Syntax JavaScript (ESM)
export default function (data) {
return `<a href="${this.inputPathToUrl("")}">Home</a>`;

Renders as <a href="/">Home</a>.

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