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Eleventy(11ty) 是一个比竞品更简洁的静态网站生成器。
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Help 11ty become sustainable in 2024

Read this post about 11ty’s goal of being fully independent and sustainable in 2024:

So you want to speak at the 11ty International Symposium on Making Web Sites Real Good

11ty is now operating independently, with full time development and maintenance funded by our Open Collective supporters. We need your help to keep going! We have a goal of $6000 USD recurring monthly budget.

Individual contributions are great (every bit helps) but we need more businesses to help. We’re also open to corporate partners: Developer Tools, Web Hosting (Jamstack, Static Sites, et al), Image Optimization (we’re about to ship a best-in-class Image Optimization plugin that would pair quite nicely with a hosted service), Content Management Systems, and Web Performance and Monitoring.

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